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Ok so, for a while now, I have been looking for a new skin to be the new me. I don’t know, I feel like I need a makeover, don’t we all wish for that sometimes? But during that quest I have come across some really nice skins which have turned me into a skin-a-holic! This one I just… well I didn’t buy it (yet) but I decided to blog it anyway (we’re all waiting for our paychecks right? LOL).

Just so happens that today MONS released a skin I have been looking eeeeeeverywhere for. I love their skins and Shane is no exception! So, I put on a bikini and a hairbase, set environment to Bree’s Appleblossom (something I learned from a very special friend) and skin inspection began! From left to right: TAN (light brow-soft makeup) BRONZE (dark brow-cotton makeup) and LIGHT (red brow-peach makeup). Yes, they are DEMOS in case you hadn’t noticed 😛 What I love most about these skins is the fact that you do not need to alter your shape much for it to look great on you, plus, the super plump lips are just to die for. And of course… give me brow options and I am a happy girlie! Just missing the “No BROW” option for me. Sure it’s a bit more younger looking than my the body co skins, but I really really like it. After all, Second Life is the land of the eternal youth!The front of the body, we all want to see how much detail skins have of course, and I am not 1% disappointed in the detailing, very beautiful collarbones, a nice flat tummy with some definition on the abs and a cute belly button (I’ve seen pretty strange ones, trust me). This is the TAN demo.The back (lol yes, quite obvious am I not?). I don’t know if it’s due to the lines on the demo, but the lower back looked a bit less defined to me, but again IT COULD BE ME! I like the upper back, it’s very delicate around the shoulder blades, but I would like to see some more definition on the behind if that is possible that is.

Now, Shane comes with several options: 5 eyebrow options (brown, dark, light, red and light red), cleavage options and 5 makeups.

I am IN LOVE with this skin, I just wish there was a no-brow option and lighter tones, it seems like nowadays light isn’t really light (or pale for that matter), but light is like a southern european faint tan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still extremely pretty, I just miss being able to go for the swedish look! When I get my hands on this skin you can expect me to have my freckles on too :). Have a stop by MONS to try on a demo!