I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of Winter and I am a big fan of silver…and guess what? They work well together! Make sure you grab these from Finesmith and Elan for today’s edition of 55 Linden Thursday!

There, pulled my hair back to show you VISION from Finesmith 🙂 this is actually the necklace and earring set in Silver, but it also comes in gold (need I say it again… 55 Lindens??)

– Elan – has this cute white short dress up for grabs. The “Morgan” dress has very cute shoulderpads and is super trendy! here’s a picture that enhances the belt detailing: beautiful ice crystals!

And the full look (my bad for snapping a picture while moving – system skirt here) 

All I can say is…. 55 lindens!!

Paired up with J’s boots and League Bella gloves in black

Who said Winter isn’t glamorous?