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We’ve all grown accustomed to Violator’s edgy and bold statements, but this time…WOW. Soraya took things to a whooole new level with her new collection, released at Modavia Fashion Week 2012. Whips, floggers, riding crops and lots of skin are only the start, if you look carefully you’ll find intricate detail on both the outfits and jewellery that comes with it. From head to toe (literally, since many include shoes and a headpiece that works as “hair”), Violator is back to show us what they’re made of.

First up in the line of statements is “Black Crack”. Bold and mysterious anyone? With a dash of ethnic with the veil, this stunning and intricate creation shows us what extreme couture is all about. I wish I knew what to call the waist appliqués, but I can say that the head piece matches!

Told you. Details, details, details! It comes with veil, head piece and jewellery aaaand for the piece the resistance…

Yup, you guessed…boots are included! Total package! However this doesn’t stop here, there’s more to see! Here…

Introducing (yes, no clothes just rope and flowers), Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Shibari in silver! Do I actually need to say anything? This is one of those moments in which the prey …becomes the hunter as the outfit also comes with an extremely cool flogger that actually works! Stressed much? Let it rip!

The back view… (yes yes…you pervs :P)

And finally the detail in the front. Jewellery, make up and hair came in my package so I believe it is aaaall included. Feeling daring anyone? Have a looksy! But hold on…there’s more!

My absolute favourite… the Show Hack in black and silver. Full on head to toe, yet again. I cannot even begin to describe how perfect this is.The ruffles in the front are reminiscent of the Black Swan gowns if you are familiar with them. Let’s have a closer look.

Again, jewellery included and also the headpiece with the veil and make up! And for you ladies who like to take charge… This one comes with a nice riding crop! Here…

And action shot because it does work! It’s fun to go around and putting everything in order. Empower yourself! Express  yourself through Violator’s extreme couture…all it takes is releasing your inner fierceness (Tyra Banks owns this one).

Everything: VIOLATOR

Skins from: Glam Affair & Cheerno

Poses by: CORPUS

See you all soon! And it’s great to be back! Every now and then