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New Year’s Eve. One night to sum up one more year, accounting for all the seconds, minutes, hours, days that went by. Some people embrace change and hope the next year will bring them better things. Others reminisce and hold on to the precious memories they collected over the past. The truth is, and we all know it, we can’t change the past, all there is left to do is to embrace the future, keeping our precious memories ever present in our hearts. That’s where neither beauty or memories ever fade, so keep them all in there, treasure them,  cherish each and every single moment that went by. Smile, cry, laugh, but remember to keep your heart open, be compassionate because that is the true essence of the fondest of memories.

In a time and a world in which so much is lost, where innocent people die caught in crossfires, where politicians fight over who has more power and who has the largest wealth, where so many small children don’t even get the chance to grow up for numerous reasons, when all seems lost…a light shines, and it shines so bright and with such intensity that everyone can see it. That light is called hope, faith, compassion, love, it is known by several names, but only each of us have the power to decide if we want that light to shine on the world or if we want to keep it to ourselves. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in one of his many teachings said “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”, and as a follower of his teachings, I believe that one should look within oneself and heal then turn to the world and take what we learned in the healing process to help others heal too.

This past year brought me a lot of good and bad things. I learned to cherish the good and store the bad as a teaching, never as regret, pain or sorrow, those make us bitter and we all know it’s much better to smile honestly and with all your heart than to be angry or bitter. I am truly blessed for the lessons I learned, some hurt but what is left after hurting is understanding, so I never forget and simply forgive, move on, LIVE. Life is such a blessing, as we hear constantly, why should we waste it with things that will just bring us sorrow? In the year of 2010, through my ups and downs, disappointments and achievements, I have to point out the most important things because those are the ones that matter:

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who is absolutely everything I could ever have dreamed of and even more (yes, you are so much more than I asked Father Christmas in 2009 lol, he did his homework). You are my solace, my safe haven, my everything…you always brighten my day and make any trace of pain or sorrow fade just as quickly as you can say “Hello”. I love you with your perfect imperfections and wouldn’t have you any other way.

My family, my mother and father who mean the world to me and there is no one in this world who could ever take your place in my life. You are my strength, my guidance, my Northern star. You have always been there for me, held my hand, heard me cry and didn’t love me any less. No matter what, I will always be your faithful and loving daughter.

My sisters, you are simply the best! You are always the people I turn to for support and fun, and I love being there for you when you need support and a good laugh. You are the people who hold me up and staple a smile on my face when I feel like I am not good enough. Thank you for all the laughter and tears, I treasure every single one of our moments together, no matter how many times we butt heads…we still love each other, that’s what sisters do.

To my friends, you are the most incredible people who I have the honour of calling my best friends. You know me and love me for who I am, you don’t judge just as I don’t judge you. Together we are ballance and I can always rely on your honesty, just as you know you can always rely on mine. I will always be there for you and I know you will always be there for me, come what may.

After this long and sappy speech about what is who, I’d like to leave you with two things: my whishes for “myself (and Barney)” and our wishes for all of you (world included).

For this year I hope that all the good things I had in my life throughout 2010 remain just as good as they are, if they are to improve…well even better! If not, I am perfectly fine with what I have so far. I am more grateful about all I have and everything I have achieved instead of being hopeful for new and better things. I would go through 2010 all over if it meant that it would end the exact same way. Some people might be thinking my life is wonderful for me to say this…well, life is what we make of it, so this is the way I look at it: a blessing. Of course…if I were to win the lottery I wouldn’t complain! LOL People who know me knew they couldn’t expect a 100% serious note here! Honest but with a twist of humour, as always. For Barney, I wish he can keep on putting up with me with a smile on his face (LOL darling, don’t kill me again please I promise I’ll behave…in 2011! till then…\o/). My darling husband, I wish all your hopes and dreams come true and that we can still enjoy the peace and quiet of being simply us.

After debating, we decided that the well wishing to our friends, family and to the world would be done as a couple one (yes, sue us for being disgustingly nice):

Barney and I wish you and the world peace, love, health. No wishing for wealth… but just in case it comes your way…remember us! LOL! Just kidding :). We wish you much success and hapiness and  hope that all the wrongs turn into right so that you can all enjoy a truthful and meaningful life. For this special night, remember those who aren’t with us anymore but no tears, smile because that’s what they’d want you to do, but especially…remember all those that are still around, the ones that make your life brighter, treasure and cherish them. Sometimes we dwell on the past for too long, but…remember what I said about the past? Make the effort, make the difference, be the change you wish to see. To you, we hope you are blessed with understanding and compassion so we can all work on making the World a better place for everyone.

Dress made especially for Fuzz Lenie, MVW 2011 Philipines from ALAFOLIE (shoes and hairpiece included)

Hair from the SIXTY NINE Outlet

Earrings from MOOD

Here’s to a long and happy life and thank you for being part of our 2010, hope to see you all in 2011!


Lou and Barney