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YAY! 2010 is almost over, so it’s time for us to remember what we left behind and…just leave it behind! 2011 is on its way and you can’t stop it, so why not make the best of what 2010 still has to offer, remember the good things! That’s exactly what I’ve done, going through my closet…that’s when I decided to pay a little homage to a great great friend who’s helped me through the way, even when I was just a dreamer who said “one day you’ll make my country gown for Miss Virtual World”…who knew that I was right! And luckily she was polite and laughed with me, since then…Soraya...you are simply amazing and I hope that in 2011 you keep gracing us with your fabulous creations. Now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ADO (don’t know why people keep typing “adieu” <— this means goodbye!) I give you a retrospective of Violator‘s 2010 creations. Enjoy!!

The very first Violator outfit I purchased! I was lured by the glittery textures (yes I love sparkle) and also the way it shows a lot of skin but keeps the important bits hidden hihihi. This is the “Tropic of Capricorn” in Glitter Azure/Sand paired up with “Scream of the Raptor” shoes in Gold/Sand and “On The Edge” hair in blue (blindfold is from an old Pacadi-Jasha outfit).

After purchasing a few swimsuits in several colours, I simply fell in love with the “Miami Parrot” so Minx Glaz (another great friend whom I have much to be thankful for:) ) decided to gift it to me, on account of the “Utopians Fashion Weekend”. A lot of work but a pleasure to work with everyone. Here is the “Miami Parrot” in red and paired up with “Neverending Night” in Red hair.

Aaaah…..*sigh of relief* Here came Soraya with her exquisite and romantic creations 🙂 , I absolutely love the versatility in her designs, how they reflect her state of mind, Soraya you are an artist 100%, keep your inspiration coming and wowing us all with the beautiful things that come out of your head! This here is the “Resistance is Futile” in red, which is one of the items of the BoSL Hunt, you can grab it…RUN! RUN! Before it finishes! I won’t tell you how much it costs at BoSL but believe me…WORTH IIIIT! This gown is paired up with “Bitter” hair in black and “All the Forbidden Things” earrings in platinum and black.

Another “awww I remember this” moment. This was the outfit I wore for my Miss Virtual World audition back in August! Risky, edgy but hey…I loved it and so did everybody else \o/! The “Nacht Die Leidenschaft” (Night of the Passion, as Minx taught me – I hope I didn’t mess it up). Perfect, perfect perfect…I still can’t believe this is where it all started!

So this was a new direction for Violator, Soraya designed this for the Yves Saint Laurent tribute at BoSL fashion week, but you can still see her trademark there! Got to love the vinyl and metallic textures on this “La Jeune Fille et La Mort” in black and gold. Here it’s paired up with “Scream of the Raptor” shoes in black, “Last Scream” earrings in gold and “Rien Ne Va Plus” hair in black. This styling was worn on the treettv show “Fabulous Fashion” in October, hosted by Kay Fairey.

ah HAH! This is one of my favourite designs from the new line and no it’s not because of the name or anything, I had never seen anyone do those textures so fabulous! Absolutely love this “Chain of Command” in black, paired up with “Lunatica” hair also in black. Jewellery and boots are included. Oh oh! The earrings are from “The Punk, The Ruff and The Beast”

And…this was the last one, my Miss Virtual World country gown, just as I had told Soraya at the beginning of this journey… she designed something super delicate with a dash of Violator! She captured the essence of the Czech country costumes, a little bit of me and added her heart, soul and creativity! Result? One fabulous gown! This is the splendorous “Prague Spring” (look it up in Wikipedia people!! Get smart).

What can I say? Violator has been with me through this whole year, my ups, my downs…but never left my side! Soraya and Minx ❤ U both! Thank you for all the support…ALWAYS! May 2011 make all your wildest dreams come true.