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Well, this is a first! Barney and I decided to have some fun and not work for once! Well…technically, work was getting done while we did this and actually this kinda is…argh..Ok, we were still working to get this through to you. We’re letting you in our house and wardrobe once a month to show you some of our favourite designers. For our first post we decided to go with Baiastice! One of our favourite shops with styles for every single occasion.

Mornings at the Roundels…uff, as usual he’s already up and working and I’m still laying around in bed trying to think about what to wear. Yes, you’re allowed to giggle, he’s wearing the cute “Luke brocade” briefs in sky blue from Baiastice. And in case you were wondering about me..I’d be the one to your left 😛 lol and I’m wearing Baiastice’s “S-Fresh silk” lingerie in water colour (it comes with white stockings but I can’t sleep in that!). The hair is also from Baiastice, the “Moira”.“Come on we’re LATE!” Barney’s favourite line! As he drags me out of the house to go to work…I’m still grumpy and thinking if I forgot my lipstick while he tries to drive and check his schedule for the day (yes all at the same time). We’re so late there’s only time for a quick goodbye kiss and a “I’ll see you later”.

(this pose that perfectly illustrates us was created especially for this photoshoot by Arisia Ashmoot, CEO of Body Talking poses)
B gets to work and wastes absolutely no time! Changes lenses, gets his camera up on his tripod while his assistants run around with the lighting for this shoot. Phone rings a million times with models and magazines trying to book shoots with him…driving his assistant insane! As always in a great mood and cracking a joke here and there, B still manages to look good in his Baiastice brown “Leather jacket” and “Urban Trousers” also in brown.

Finally I managed to get to Glance to get my paperwork organised. Checking schedule to see how many potential students need to be interviewed today and getting ready to teach my 7, 8 and 9 am classes! UFF that’s a stretch! However, being a part of a reputable academy such as Glance International means that we always have to look sharp, hence the “Cachemire Principe di Galles” dress from Baiastice, paired up with “Claire Decollete special red/black” shoes and the “Donatella” hair, both from Baiastice. (The red purse you see on the first picture is also a Baiastice accessory – Plastik red handbag).

At the end of the day, after all our work is done…wait..there is technically more work to be done! We met at home to change quickly and attend a formal event before we get some rest…Networking, networking, networking! A photographer and model’s job is never done! Yes, we like to play dress up too.

Barney Roundel wears:

Elegant suit in gray

Louise McWinnie wears:

Baiastice – Ashley dress – brillant auburn

Baiastice – Boop hair – brown

I guess that by the time we can get out of our clothings there is only time for a shower and sleep, until the following morning, where the sequence repeats itself…well…minus the formal event! But I’m certain that something else will pop up.

Thank you Baiastice and Body Talking for making us look good!

See you next month!


Lou & B