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I promised I’d do it every day this week, I’m sorry I’m late buuuut, here it goes. Another gown from Miamai creations, this time, the Unahe!

This time Monica decided to go all out on the brocade pattern on the skirts, collar and gloves, giving you a classically elegant look with the, obviously, Miamai trademark sleek sexyness – the ever-so-tasteful slit that reveals almost all of your left leg. This gown comes with two skirt options as you can see – a fuller skirt and a more discrete one, for those who are not big on super full gown bottoms. From left to right, the “Unahe” gown in rose, gold, silver and purple.

Do not worry because when you purchase the gown you will get both skirting options and everything you see here (apart from the headpiece that is from the “Never” hair) is included in the gown. “Unahe” gown shown in dark blue, turquoise, black and red. Attention to detail is a Miamai MUST, make sure you pay attention to that. How thoughtful is Monica for thinking about having something that only requires shoes, hair and a set of earrings (add more if you wish)…and you’re good to go! Perfect for those who like to look effortlessly fabulous.

Skin – Dolce by CStar skins

Poses from Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot!