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Formal? Gowns? Ethereal? You’ve come to the right place! MIAMAI just released the new formal gowns collection for this winter! I will post them here one by one…just to keep you hanging hihiih. The first gown I want to call your attention to is the Skay! This beautiful sort of pixie(ish) gown was released this past Friday and it is an absolute must have in your wardrobe. It’s elegant and magical all at the same time! Take a closer look.

See what I mean? The sheer…translucid fabric on the gown skirt simply adds more to the already magical feel the gown already has. As always, monica Outlander manages to provide us ladies with a fantastic bodice with amazing patterns, I’d risk say that what makes this dress embrace the pixie look would be the nature pattern on the upper body (as well as the leaves and flowers of course). I know, my bad, the lighter one was shot in front of a white background…I know I know, kill me…OOOR go to Miamai and grab your own :P! The available colours are red, rust, wine, purple (from left to right)
Also, grass, black, deep and blue, all available at Miamai’s mainstore. The hair is also by Miamai, the Jojo updo in Tearblack, and in case you are wondering about the headpiece it’s part of the Never hair so…might want to grab that also!

Stay tuned because tomorrow there is more 😛