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There is a reason why people say “oooooooooh!” every time Violator launches something new. That reason is described as “extremely creative and fashion forward”. Why? It’s simple in a not-so-simple kind of process, I mean… as much as people try to push themselves into creating something avantgarde, something more daring and risk opening windows into the future of fashion, there are very few who succeed in it. I am not judging people’s abilities, I am pointing out that this fantastic brand, has always, since day one, managed to make everyone hang their mouths open trying to sort out what the inspiration behind the designs was. Violator is what it is, it’s undeniable. Now with the avantgarde jewellery with a touch of baroque and classic inspirations, they take the brand to a whole new level. I won’t bore you to death with my comments, I will simply show you what I mean.

This set is called “The Dark Note” (in black) and as you can see for yourself, accessories don’t have to be worn on your ears all the time, sometimes a great headpiece is just what you need to “wow” the room. A mix of avantgarde, with all the wires wrapping around, the spikes piercing through the beautifully executed choker/hat combo…but also, I’d dare say, a bit of a XIX century vibe. The beautiful hat slightly worn to the side (or as you wish) with the wires creating an illusion of a veil take you both forward and back in time. definitely perfect for your steampunk indulgence moments, by the way.

Oh yes…time travelling isn’t quite done yet, there is more coming your way, this time with the help of “The Punk, The Ruff and the Beast” set in black. If with the previous set we had gone to XIX century, this time Violator took us even further back into Elizabethan times! The metallic ruff and the ruffle cuff simple scream “take that Shakespeare!” in a way that only soraya Vaher could manage to do. Despite of the Elizabethan reminiscence, look at how you can almost feel the spikes punching through the delicate ruffled metal, creating a beautifully harsh image at the same time. As always, asymmetry is a trademark of many avantgarde looks but in particular with Violator that is for sure. It’s all about geometry here, so you will not get a left hand bracelet (unless you move it) or matching earrings. I know you can barely tell from this picture but the detailing on the spiked left earrings is exquisitely embellished with black diamonds, incrusted also on each spike. Miss Prim Killer went all out on prim limits for this set..and it turned out just  fabulous!

Last but never least, my favourite (even if considerably symmetrical)…the “All The Forbidden Things” set in platinum. That is right, symmetry, but in this very particular case…who cares? This set doesn’t need asymmetry to look more avantgarde than it already is. I spent a while staring at it, trying to find the best words to describe it, don’t kill me, I will try to explain what the set reminds me of. Machines. It reminds me of machines and cogs beautifully mastered to perfection and embellished with the finest of black diamonds available. How’s that? I am eternally in love with this choker, you can see your eyes will be wandering from the neck down to the tip of the spike and thinking “ouch!”. It’s absolutely perfect, avantgarde, elegant and rough at the same time…I LOVE it.

Remember, if you didn’t go to jewellery fair…pfft shame on you! Keep your purse locked though, you’ll feel the lindens wanting to fly out! I guess you’ll just have to wait to grab these at the Violator HQ then.