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We all know this name, and we all feel our purses shivering when the new releases come out, but these shoes are worth every-single-penny you spend on them. Not only for the quality they offer, but also for the variety in terms of accessories you can purchase. I styled a few shoes I got last week from the Look of the Day 🙂 I just hope to do the shoes justice!

These beautiful stilletos are the from the Stiletto Moody Bare collection, the “Elizabeth” shoes in Black Diamante. They are extremely delicate and just perfect to match cocktail dresses or gowns, they obviously require something more formal. The sparkly sparkly texture gives it the extra kick that you need to spice up your outfit, they are available in other colours and also have accessories (I have them in gold too HAH)

Aaaah sandals 🙂 they are going in my closet for a bit, Winter is almost coming! These wonderful strappy and super thin heeled beauties are also from the Stiletto Moody Bare and they are the “Katherine” sandals in black (I got the wrong ones I wanted the ones with a crocodile or python pattern, don’t remember which). Delicate, super high and deadly sexy! Guaranteed to make any shoe lover to drool as you walk by. Also available in other colours, patterns and don’t forget the available Moodys accessories.

See what I mean when I say fantastic patterns? These are my absolute favourites, from the Stilleto Moody Bare collection…these are the “Lauren” shoes in Black Python and just from looking at the realistic pattern on them I simply droooooool! They go from day to night with a simple outfit change, same as from work to formal, pick your poison! And these “pythons” are available in several colours and patterns, you just have to love an elegant stiletto with straps up around your ankles, still, they can be embelished with accessories like all Moody shoes.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! Yes, I had a patriotic moment, but can you blame me? I absolutly adore this outfit and the boots are the cherry on top of that UK cake! These fantabulous mile high, erm I mean thigh high boots are the “Skyhigh Boots“, another gorgeous Stiletto Moody design. With each design you get this incredible amount of detail, incredibly realistic textures, an assortment of accessories…but these boots just take it to the next level, you need to have a look at them up close to see the zipper go all the way up from your ankle to your thigh, and believe me, some people will be appreciative for the zipper length ;). I will grab the straps that wrap around the boots so I can make them even cooler (accessories sold separately, remember)!

A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y and e-t-e-r-n-a-l-l-y in love with Moodys!