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That is correct, jewellery. Soraya Vaher, CEO of Violator is back on track with exclusive, aggressive, edgy avantgarde jewellery! Care to take a peek at some of her latest releases?

These are “The Last Scream” earrings in silver and black, which my photoshop skills (close to none) are hindering because the black you see here is actually glittery! You will have to check out these lovely items in-world, do not fear them just remember that when wearing such exquisite pieces like this you just can’t go nuts with the rest! Keep things simple and focus the attention on what you want, which should be this gorgeous piece of art I have in my ears.

Men can stop being jelous because this beautiful set, the “Time Stood Still” set in silver, can be worn by both men and women. This beautifully asymmetric set of bracelets and choker are just what you need to make a plain outfit POP! ohhh the hair I wearing? Yes, also Violator, it is the “Casta Diva Chignon” in black.

I just wish my words were good enough to describe how wonderfully whimsical and artistic Violator jewellery is. I guess you just have to see for yourselves! There is more jewellery coming out, I have seen it but I can’t share, you will have to wait for the jewellery fair..all I can say is…you better be sitting down for what is coming next! Until then…