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I’ve always mentioned that auTre had a very londony vibe, and now the latest two outfits I got only re-enforced that idea. I am lost for words as these two managed to bring me back home as quickly as I paired them up with accessories, reminding me of times when I used to hang around particular spots with my friends. These two designs from auTre are not only sweet, innocent and cute boho chic but they are also very nostalgic to me. Now enough with the mush, presenting:

the “Garden Delights” by auTre, something that reminds me of long Summer afternoon walks with friends in the park, chasing squirrels, feeding ducks, laughing. The delicate and flowery pattern on this dress is perfect to illustrate the season it reminds me of, and notice the beautiful sash around the chest, right under the bust, creating a beautiful empire line with a little edge and rough on the bottom. There is also a very tiny detailing on the shoulders, each strap has a tiny bow just as delicate as the rest of the dress. Perfect colours, super adorable and affordable dress, I can’t think of anything else I can say to make you jump out and go get it, after all what did you expect from auTre ?

Ah…Soho square, waiting for friends, just…waiting to sit on the grass and eat lunch before going down to good old Camden in search of the craziest accessories or records! This is exactly what this dress makes me think about! This is the “Classy Dots” dress, paired up with some accessories. See how each and every single one of us can style the same outfit and make it look completely different? I absolutely love this one, it is simple and leaves you with a lot of room for your imagination to allow you to create the look you want to. The simple dotted pattern may not have a special focus here but the cute and delicate poofy sleeves and the bottom of the dress do. Also, it has a very late 80s early 90s neckline which I absolutely love and haven’t seen much of recently. If you are reading this and like to reminisce…go grab this one, it is, without a doubt, the simplest and sweetest treat to indulge yourself with a bit of late Summer love.

Thank you Rory for indulging me with all these fantastic memories, I absolutely ❤ you!