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This past week I’ve been blessed with several offers from several talented designers to whom I’d like to show my appreciation and thank them for their faith in my starter blogger skills. One of those fantastic designers was Tatanka Kaligawa from Mea Culpa, who asked me “can you handle these two outfits?” to which I could only reply “YES! I will do my best to represent you”. So, as soon as I got back to my little cosy Soho flat I unpacked these two gowns and “whoa” just came out of my mouth, quite literally, in real life. I scratched my head and tried to figure out the best way to style them, how could I style these two amazing gowns without taking away the attention from them? So…the best I could come up with was to apply the K.I.S. principle: Keep It Simple (as anyone should consider when showcasing something such as the expression of someone else’s ideas – avantgarde). Now, without further ado, I present to you two of the latest creations from Mea Culpa.

First, the fantastic white and silvery beauty “La Dolce Vita“, which is also available in blue and red. The beautifully tailored and figure flattering gown flows from your waist down to your ankles in a stunningly sculpted mermaid cut in lace. The three quarters length sleeves, also tailored in staggering white lace also have the little flare detailing on the trim, which rests right next to the lace appliques that rest on the hips to enhance your figure without adding any extra pounds, it is sheer lace ladies, your figure is visible right beneath it. Notice how the skirt is layered in a sort of scale(ish) pattern, strategically emphasising the couture mermaid effect to this already beautiful gown. Also notice the little silver tentacle detailing on the bottom, waist and hat, creating a sort of asymmetry which is always so fashion-forward around these areas.  The outfit is sold just as it is show on the picture, apart from the nails (which are from Baiastice), the skin (from CStar skins) and the shoes (from LeLutka). Now let’s take a closer look on the upper body, shall we?

Maybe I didn’t pick the best angle for the metal chain applique around the stomach from up close …but can you go “WHOA” also? The upper body hides and reveals just the exact amount of skin you would want to show with the very discrete cuts on each side of the bodice that create the optical illusion of a thinner upper body (thank you Tatanka!). Now take a closer look at the exquisite choice of fabric that was carefully placed under what could be a very deep plunging neckline. Look at the intricacy of that beautifully embroidered fabric and as your eyes trail up (not down), please note the carefully placed lace scales around the neckline that simply drift into the pretty lace bundle sleeves that result in our poofy sleeves, another trend for this season (hey, so says Jean Paul Gaultier, not me lol). The finishing touches to this gown go to the lace hat, matching the gown and to the carefully thought tattoo layer mask which has those long white tentacles, more like cute white kittie whiskers, that come straight out from the top of the mask. If you are looking for elegant, delicate and fabulous, then I’d say “GO BUY IT NOW!”

The second outfit I bring forth is “The Midnight Butterfly“, and please..let me say “OH…MY….GOD”. I was even more shocked when I put this on after trying on the delicate “La Dolce Vita“. But I’ll be the first to admit that I am biased because of its darker and edgier look, something that I usually go for. Again, I chose not to take away from the gown’s beauty and went with as little styling as I could. Did anybody say sexy? Did anybody say lace? And leather? Well, it is a big trend for this season to mix and match leather and lace so, here you have it. I don’t even know where to begin! That’s correct, this gown features laced chaps with perfect inner-thigh leather trimming that go all the way up and around your thighs, making headway into the bodice (which we’ll get to in a second). Around the waist you will find an extremely well crafted embelishment with glamorous black lace draping asymmetrically from left to right (shortest to longest) that flows beautifully as you move. The boots are from Bax Cohen, worn with the laced top, skin is from CStar skins, and the nails are from Baiastice.

I promise there is more detailing to look at, but for now, focus on the bodice if you will. Please do note all the extra details that were added, the metal appliques, the pattern work on the leather that goes from the stomach up to the chest, the lace binding it all together and the beautiful butterfly(ish) wings. In my most humble opinion it was a perfect idea to have long sleeves and a sort of cloak this outfit, they are the key that brings this whole modern dark maiden look together. Ready for more?

More detailing, as I promised. Now you can see how eccentric the pattern on the wings is, how the bodice has this carefully placed lace trimming cupping the breasts along with the metal chains that seem to be holding the whole bodice together as they then wrap around the neck. Here you can also notice how the sleeves are also tailored with the delicate and sumptuous sheer lace, surrounded by the tight, rough and eternally provocative leather. The whole gown comes together when the top is added, this magically bundled lace cloak that envelops your neck and head, but…I absolutely melt at the sight of this super sexy lace veil that falls down to your nose, allowing you to reveal just enough to keep you as mysterious as you wish to be (you can wear hair underneath if you prefer).

Now we have a problem, which one will you choose? The delicate, elegant and enchanting “La Dolce Vita” or the edgy, provocative and alluring “Midnight Butterfly“? I know Mea Culpa makes it hard on you, however the choice is yours, so…why not get both?