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After spending some time attending incredible fashion shows at Modavia Fashion Week, tomorrow (September 16th) is one of the days I have been waiting for. There are still quite a few hours until the show but we can already purchase some new items from Baiastice from the vendors outside, even if it’s not full yet, collection will be out hopefully tomorrow after the show (and I can’t wait to see what Sissy has in store for us). Nobody does casual chic like Baiastice, that’s given a fact. You see, I like various designers, and you will often see me wearing their creations at several occasions, but as you will also be able to tell, according to the occasion, I have my favourites for each. This is plain couture fabulousness, and even if I am mentioning casual chic here, the visitors and Baiastice shoppers do know that there are many sides to the shop: the shoes, the hair, the skins, the lingerie, the haute couture, the gowns, the accessories…and endless variety of items that are just perfect to boost your inventory numbers with exquisite designs.

I did mention that I was going to go through old and new, correct? Well, even though it is not THAT old, here are some of the things I found in my inventory, things I have worn several times which I simply love.
This beautiful outfit is called “Anna Lou” in purple (it is available in other colours, please check it out). And if it wasn’t already enough to have other colour options, the “Anna Lou” has another top option, with the ruffles around the shoulders also very pretty and girly, but for this particular styling I chose the plain top so that you can see the how well the fabric wraps around the chest area and how detailed it is, please notice the realistic wrinkles on the stomach. The balloon pant bottom is just as delicate as the top as it flows into one full outfit with a very harem vibe, perfect for your summer holidays. The belt is also a part of the outfit, hugging your hips, complimenting the full ensemble just perfectly. There is a trick to this outfit, it has a built-in AO option so it goes to show you how much they care about the clients, making sure that you’re never caught off-guard, or in this case “noobish”.

(shoes from LeLutka; necklace from Miel and hair from Maitreya).
Please excuse my lack of photoshop skills, but I do hope you got this “fading Cinderella” look I tried to get going (be nice lol). This beautiful gown is the “Beaded Organza red“, another Baiastice creation that deserves to be shown around due to the “I belong in a painting” vibe it carries. The beautiful neckline is absolutely elegant and well deserving of a beautiful necklace but the skirt and the detailing on this texture are what drew me to the dress instantly. When I saw it I just thought “modern meets Louis XIII kind of faded pattern…I’m getting this, I have to have it!”. The gloves are also included with your purchase. If there is something that we should always look out for when purchasing a gown/outfit/whatever it is…that thing is the texture quality, and having said that I reckon that Baiastice simply blows us all away with the exquisite choice of textures they always provide us with.

(hair also from Baiastice “Boop” in brown; jewellery from Gems&Kisses).

Now we get to the crème de la crème: The “Cassie“, freshly purchased at Modavia! A sneak peak of what is to come next! I couldn’t resist, it’s so me I just had to get it! And yes, if you’ve seen me recently then you’ve already seen me walking around flaunting it! You can style it with other pieces too, as the skirt and belt are separate. See what I meant about textures? Just take a closer look at the top, doesn’t it look like absolutely lush leather/skin of some sort? Look at the carefully added ruffle detail to the bottom of this gorgeous top! Now look at the bottom with its multitude of endless layers of cute ruffles all bundled up in this one cute short short skirt! Now if this isn’t figure flattering then I don’t know what is! Please pay attention to the detailing on this belt! This outfit is worth so much more than what I paid for it (if I remember correctly it was 360 lindens). I am sorry if I sound too excited but I just can’t wait to attend the show and go crazy shopping right after the vendors are out!

(boots from Maitreya; hair from fri.day; jewellery from Miel)

If you see me around and like what I am wearing please don’t be shy, ask me where I got it 🙂 or just inspect if you are too shy to ask! (I take it as a compliment^^)

See you at the Baiastice show tomorrow! (click here for an LM to the show😉 )