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Hellooooo it is I, Loulou! And I have just been to this year’s edition of Hair Fair thanks to the backstage pass a very special someone provided (name to be revealed if the person agrees to let me reveal it:P)!!! It will open tomorrow so relax! I went in (sim 3 and 4 only) and looked around to find an amazing scenario, I felt like I was backstage at a fashion week somewhere! Grabbed a few goodies but I won’t post all, I would die and it is 3:22 am my time as I write this so…bear with me! I also refused to style each hair LOL, my apologies but you will have to endure my housewife look (and that is what I am, while my husband is away on vacation, I have to stay here and clean! but don’t worry photography crazed people he will be back by the 8th and you can start booking with him again!).

See what I mean? Absolute fabulousness in this backstage scenario, each compartment is an area to get beautified (lol) by the corresponding hair designer!

Yes, I couldn’t resist, I had to try on (and purchase…) this hair from:

yes yes yes, it’s fri.day. I will pray when I get home and beg for forgiveness but for now let me enjoy my spankin’ new hairstyle! After this “tent” I moved on to the other sim, well…reticent to do so as you can see, warnings are dangerous things sometimes.

To cross or not to cross, that is the question! More hair? YES please! Moved on to the next sim where I found…among other great hairstyles this particular place that you might have heard of, well I don’t know if you did but you just might have.

That’s right! M-I-A-M-A-I! My boss would be proud! Monica, if you’re reading this…I tried aaaall the demos and ….help? You turned me into a sinner! Grab them ladies, Miamai‘s avant garde hair, available only at Hair Fair (for now I hope)!!

Now, as promised, here are some of the hairstyles I found (and yes, the housewife look)

These samples are from Emo-tions, Darkerside, Groovygirl Designs, LollipopZ and Uw.St!

Now…two crazy hairstyles I found and loved lol, eccentric! One from Nikita Fride and another from Griddie (to your right! Notice the housewife look LOL).

Well…there was one moment that was not quite as hilarious as trying on crazy hairstyles…it is a serious issue that we should all be aware of. I’m glad that Hair Fair 2010 is sponsoring this cause.

Wigs for Kids…this is when I sat down for a minute and thought just how much we can do in-world to help put a smile on a child’s face by helping him/her get hair. Think of it as shallow if you wish, but hair is very important to our self-image, our self-esteem, to help us feel confident. Children need to feel secure and confident so they can grow up and become healthy and mentally stable adults! Helping a child get all that and more doesn’t cost you more than a few lindens worth in a donation by the balloons all around the sims. Each of these bandanas cost 50 lindens, in case you are interested in purchasing.

Now I didn’t get the chance to ask someone if these bandanas are to help Wigs for Kids, but I hope they are. Now the link here won’t send you to Wigs for Kids, I was too chicken to look at the website myself…heck I couldn’t leave the sim without shedding a few tears, it was all happy shopping skipping all around, when suddenly…reality hit…so this link will take you to the Hair Fair website which has a link to Wigs for Kids.


Over and out…speechless…and if you know me, you know how hard it is to achieve that.