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I know, I know, I’ve been a bad blogger, but I have been going crazy in-world with all the work I have to do so I apologise for the tardiness! But….here it is again! More cutesy from auTre! Rory doesn’t stop designing! She has gone design-crazy and keeps on releasing new items each week! These are just two of her latest designs (she has released more in the meantime). I wonder if she will release an Autumn/Winter collection (hint hint! *wink*)!

Now, without further ado, more Boho chic from my super cute, sweet, adorable designer: auTre, by Aurora TremontThis short short dress with the long and flared sleeves is the “Polka Madness“. Be daring, Try wearing it without leggings hihihi. Now the reason I didn’t style this like I wanted to (with a fur vest, leggings and other accessories) is because it would distract your attention from the dress/tunic (as you wish). You know how to style, I like to believe I do to (lol) but I prefer the focus to be on the featured designer…with a little accessory here and a little accessory there.And the second design is “Rain Clouds” and it just happens to have this incredibly beautiful pattern featuring one of my favourite colours: blue! Notice the little button detail on the chest (click the picture to enlarge it if thou wilt – LOL), notice how it rests so perfectly over the chest and simply flows down your body falling on your thighs (short is an auTre trademark, deal with it. If you can’t handle cute and sexy..look away when us auTre girls walk by!). Definately a plus plus plusssss on the beautiful pattern.

I am sad to announce that the auTre sale is over, however…bad Rory, bad! The shop already has such an incredibly low price range that I still can’t believe that Rory would put the items on sale! Just goes to put more emphasis on what I said about Rory right here <– click me to see.

More auTre news to come VERY soon (promise)!