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Summer might be almost over, however, its impact is still visible in our in-world designer’s creations. This time we have to take a closer look at skins, and for that particular reason I chose to bring forth one of the best and most creative skin designers I’ve had the luck of encountering: CStar skins.

Ms Unico Solo presented us, a few weeks ago, with a fantastic show in which some of CStar‘s most recent releases were showcased, as well as the up and coming releases (so hold your breath, it will be worth the wait).

This particular post however doesn’t focus on the show skins, it is a post about the CStar skins treat, which is a part of the Pink Hunt: the Pink Hunt skins, available at CStar’s mainshop in all the following tones:

Model: Aspasia Ashdene

Eyes: CStar “Static Emotional” in Silver

Skins: CStar Pink Hunt in: Chocolate, Sandy, Cream, Egyptian, Bronze, Pale, Eclipse, Olive, Snow, Caramel, Tan and Fair

I don’t know about you, but the names on these skin tones make me hungry! Remember I mentioned Summer, right? As you can see, the bright fuscia lips are the first thing you notice about this skin, just perfect for a night out partying, or if you’re like me and love the 80s you’ll just wear it..pretty much anytime! What did you expect? It is a Pink Hunt! However, if you’re not a fan of bright pink lips you can always apply a lipstick on it, but that would just take away from the skin’s beauty.

Oh! These skins do not come with a hairbase so all you have to do is either wear a lovely hairbase (grab them at Miamai if you need some, available in black, brown, blonde, red and platinum) or just wear a different hairstyle! Once you’ve grown attached to the pink lips like I did, you will notice the absolutely adorable freckles that to me add such innocence to our avatars, along with the super cute nose that fits basically all shapes just perfectly, and the eyeliner make up (the gods know we love looking cute and innocent, and so does Unico). But despite the innocent and sweet look on our faces…please remember that this skin has the CStar trademark cleavage, so gentlemen if you were thinking “aww isn’t she cute and innocent” you will definately think otherwise once your eyes meet our…necklines 😉

Modeled by the lovely recently graduted from SuperElite, Ms Aspasia Ashdene, here is a peek at the body in the Pink Hunt treat from CStar. Make sure to go down to the shop and grab all the candy laying around! Each one has a tone, perfect for people with a sweet tooth!!