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We always think one release is enough but Monica Outlander likes to believe not! Everytime Miamai releases things they come in pairs! So, last time it was the “Carol” minidress, now comes another superb gown: “Evelyn“. Monica describes it as, quote “A special, elegant and haute couture gown made of soft flowing material, with a dreamy bodice partially made of embroidered silk.”. Well…let’s have a look, shall we?^^

Here, I give to you “Evelyn” in both blue and rose. I can’t stress this enough but Monica’s designs always have such high quality textures, so much attention to detail that it’s insane! Have a closer look at the carefully elaborate patterns that flow all around this stunning gown, trail up your body and wrap around your torso. However, Monica didn’t stop there, she decided to add yet another Miamai trademark, the wonderfully achieved leg-flashing-through-silk slit.Notice how it carefully wraps around the back, enhancing the sexiest part in the female body (in my opinion), the back. This is one of my favourite things about Miamai gowns, the back always has some sort of delicate, yet uber sexy finishing touches to it, whether it is super low cut or just mid way, it’s always perfectly executed and did I forget to mention sexy?

In this picture you can take a peek at the “Evelyn” in green and in red. The delicate imprint over the silk bodice with a slight colour overlay for pattern enhancing is absolutely refined and adds a lot to the gown itself, drawing attention to the neckline and to the back. Now I know you will have difficulty picking just one colour and you will wish Monica had made a fatpack, drop a suggestion notecard on Mavi Beck if you think there should be a fatpack or drop by Miamai for a visit! Until then…good luck choosing!