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Like I said in the previous post, Summer is here to stay and all the designers want to express how hot it feels for them. Now, when I say hot in this particular case I mean smoking hot because what I’m about to show you is the new release from VIOLATOR. You see, the thing with Violator is, they never cease to amaze us, whether it’s with regards to the spectacular prim work Soraya does every single time, or the patterns she chooses, how much skin it shows or covers, the point is, Violator is here to WOW and shock us with every single release. Now, without further ado, I present you with the “Miami Parrot” extravaganza.

To your left is the “Miami Parrot” in white and grey and over to your right, the same in red (in case you were wondering, no, I didn’t improve in photoshop, these pictures were courtesy of Violator themselves). There is something absolutely divine about the way Soraya manages to make prims flow around your body, something that obviously cannot be captured by a camera so I guess the only option you have is to go down to the Violator headquarters and purchase one, or perhaps you might be lucky enough to catch a model in the shop (don’t be afraid to ask them to show you if you do come across one). I’d like to believe that by now you’ve realised that I love monochromatic and dark colours, however in this particular case my eye tends to the red gown.
Now, if given a choice I simply could not decide between these two: the “Miami Parrot” in Azure Orange and in Orange Green. You can see what I mean when I refer to intricate detailing on the textures, just notice how the models seem to be wearing actual feathers, and, not only, you have to notice how delicately the feathers wrap around the right parts of their bodies, showing you not too little nor too much skin. Once more I am completely gobsmacked by how Soraya manages to create something so delicate as this, so colourful, and then, at the same time give us more industrial, more metalic, more aggressive looks with her other gowns.

I am most certain that these designs are captivating and intriguing enough, worthy of making you want to visit the Violator headquarters, which is also an experience in itself (make sure to turn music on when you go there). There you will find gowns, an assortment of fantastic hairstyles perfect to pair up with couture/edgy looks and also accessories to compliment your choice of outfit (which can be worn if you need to spice up an outfit with just a dash of daring jewellery). If you are not convinced by what you read here or by these haute couture gowns (please keep in mind that these are Summer gowns), drop Violator a visit and allow yourself to be baffled by other designs. The question is: Are you couture-dependent? If your answer to this question is “yes”, then your wardrobe is missing a Violator gown in it.