One of these days your fellow blogger will sit down and interview Aurora from auTre, and do you want to know why? Because I found out that she is one of the kindest souls in SL (please stay tuned for the interview, hoping I get to do it briefly!). We were talking about the previous post I did about auTre and about me being inspected, and well, apparently that gave Aurora inspiration to do….*drumroll please* the Lacey dress in three more colours (even though I only have these two, she promised she was working on a light rose one, do not mistake for PINK. Rose =/= Pink).

Here it is guys, more boho from auTre!I know, I can’t help it, I can’t help it, I am also in love with this curly hair (Aurora’s suggestion) and you know how mad I am about headpieces so…here is the Lacey dress in teal and purple! (I will get the rose later to show you). Please make sure you go grab one, they are simply a-do-ra-ble.

But the new coloured Lacey dresses aren’t just about everything I have to tell you from auTre…oh you thought so? Wrong! Guess again! Aurora designed other cutesy dresses for us girls to flaunt around, flirting with boys! (not me, I’m an extremely happily married girl!)

This cute thing is the “BooHoo BoHo” (which can be worn with or without tights, pick your poison). It is so incredibly adorable and reminiscent of the bohemian late 1960s I can’t resist it! Can you blame me for loving it? Not only did she manage to make us look incredibly adorable WHILE wearing poof…AGAIN, but notice the pattern and the clever colour choice! You can never go wrong with pastel! I was bad with the picture this time, forgot to show you that it’s not a tube top, but I believe you can tell that it’s a cami more than anything else. (And this particular dress is on hold! so you have to wait a little bit before you can get your hands on it…yes, you can say it, I’m a lucky b…baby!)

Did anybody say colour splash? This spankin’ new design is the “Fever in Colour“, obviously by auTre. I really need to improve my photoshop skills so that you can tell that there is this adorable frill that wraps around the chest and falls on the back with a V backline detail (will get the picture here tomorrow, promise). I have been waltzing around in this new design since yesterday and yes, I’ve been inspected aaaagain so Aurora, I hope people drop by the shop!

And I just got a new personal favourite, the “Walkin in Spiderwebs“. This adorable little short dress is absolutely smashing! Love the pattern, love the little lace detail on the bottom of the skirt and the one shoulder top creates a perfectly asymetrical silhouette without, yet again, being over the top asymetrical (gods I hate things that look like they’re bound to make you tip over to one side). This is just a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y perfect and I’m hoping (fingers crossed) Aurora makes this in either more colours or other patterns because it is completely worth it.

Please do remember to drop by auTre to check all of these designs, remember “following a trend doesn’t imply spending a million lindens to look good, it means you have to shop smart, look for quality, accessorise and be YOU”, that, my friends, is what I find at Aurora’s shop every-single-time: inexpensive, affordable (from 50-100 lindens per shirt or dress) and tasteful…people! Wise up! Street smarts! Quality over labels, deal?

(am I sounding too bossy? I’m sorry…I’m just overly excited with all these new dresses I got…THANK YOU AURORA!)