Looks like Summer is here to stay! It’s a million degrees outside and it seems it also has an impact on the designers’ most recent creations. This time I bring you news from MIAMAI, fresh out from monica Outlander’s box of surprises, here is the “Carol“. Let’s take a closer look

This flirty, sexy, cute thing is the “Carol” minidress which can be worn both as a dress or as a booty-shorts bikini (if you are daring enough to do it). Notice how the top carefully wraps around the torso creating a thinner waist effect. Both the top and bottom have tiny little rhinestone apliques for a shimmery effect. The frilly, yet super cute and uber short skirt is made of a semi-transparent fabric, and knowing it’s from MIAMAI I’d bet it’s organza hiihihhi. The “Carol” minidress is available in (from your left to right) purple, white, orange, red, black, blue and sakura! Oh and by the way, the lovely ponytail is also from MIAMAI, make sure to look for the hair section!