Good news everyone! There’s a new designer in the room and her name is Enya Meriadoc (hmmm reminds me of the Lord of the Rings and I love it). Now that we’ve cast my nerdish comment to the side, I can tell you a bit more about :: DaMa ::, well, it all started one afternoon while I was talking about fashion designers with good quality items in here that were into designing not for the sake of lindens but just for the fun of creating something fun, something with impecable quality but quite inexpensive. Then I was introduced to Enya, a wonderful human being who happens to have been pressured to design some cool gowns for a fashion show (*cough* I’m not saying who pressured her into doing it but I’m glad that happened). Enya designed, magic happened, and here are some of the results from that show. Further down, two of her latest creations. Enjoy!

untz untz untz untz WOOHOOOO, that’s what you’re probably thinking…well, maybe not you, but I am! These are the Glam Gowns in (from your left to right) Yellow, Brown and Green, all three incredibly vibrant colours (do not mistake for flashy, Enya does not do flashy). I am sorry but they just make me want to put them on and go out clubbing…oooooor they might also be nice for a romantic evening, a stroll in the park with someone special…all those 🙂 They’re very flowy and they are absolutely adorable! The sheerness on the skirt kind of adds a little sexy to the gown but not too much, just the right amount, making you look flirtatiously sexy.

“Look mami! Isn’t that guy cute? Ay Dios mio!” Now…if you don’t know what I mean, here is a sassy flirty dress from :: DaMa ::, the (from left to right) Red Sparkle Dress and the Orange Sparkle Dress. The frilly attachments are perfectly executed to give you a latin touch with lots of flare! Ready to salsa? Be sure to pair them up with some nice heels…and you’ll be looking FIERCE!

“No, we’re not interested” that’s what you’ll be saying if you get caught in either the (from left to right) Flower Dress or Black Stripes Dress from :: DaMa :: . They’re some of the new releases and as usual, Enya manages to surprise me every single time with how flowy they are. She always has the best of judgement when deciding upon the neckline, which in this case is a delicate sweetheart, leaving you enough space to accessorise as you wish! Yes…fabulous darlings! Fabulous! Not only does Enya design clothes but also super cute skins, among other items you’ll want to check out. Make sure to drop her a visit!!