Which ever you prefer…Sienna Miller or Kate Moss, it is a given fact that they are the godmothers of this 21st century style: the Boho chic. I’ve heard many describe it as a mixture of bohemian, gypsy and hippie, well…I just call it fun! However, there is absolutely no doubt that this style has grown on us and there is something absolutely adorable about looking pretty cute in a sort of shabby-chic way! Well then…on one of my many trips to Marítima Inc. Fashion Mall I came across auTre, and thank the gods I did because I had been looking for a cute look to go around without looking too overly dressed. If what you want is classy, cute and effortless, please drop by auTtre to check out Aurora’s designs. Not only are they spot-on fashion essentials for your wardrobe, but they are also very inexpensive. Let’s have a look at my three favourites, shall we?

Ok here we have the “Eat Grapes” dress paired up with a high-waisted belt, some scrunchy socks, pumps…well you get the point. The thing is, I’d have to be wearing some sort of short jacket (London girl) but let’s pretend it’s really hot and that no jacket is required. This is one of the new releases from auTre, it’s very figure flattering as you can see and it also has a sexy cleavage thanks to the semi-discrete sweetheart neckline. It is short enough to be worn without leggings but if you wish to wear it with them, well by all means, it is encouraged, as long as you find a nice colour to go with it. Make it match or just go crazy (but always within colour coordination).

The trick with Boho chic is to make sure your hair and accessories are coordinated with your outfit, I can’t say this is my best but I am trying! I guess I need to do some more shopping ^^yay!

I’d never imagine, not in a million years…after all those people mocking us brits for wearing socks with sandals…that it would, one day, become a big trend! Blimey! This is the “Pink Graffiti Poof also by auTre. Notice how Aurora managed to grant this dress the perfect amount of poofiness to make us girls look super cute and chic. You see, usually the problem with poofy dresses is that they put some people off because they dread looking fat (lol it’s true I’ve heard it before), however, this is completely not the case. Also in a more accentuated sweetheart neckline, the cleavage on this pretty-in-pink flower pattern dress is a bit more daring than on the previous. It’s perfect for a long necklace, or just do what I did and cover up with your long hair. Now isn’t this reminiscent of hippie-chic?

Always remember to add a good set of shades for extra glamour. This close up is also good for you to have a look on the beautiful pattern and how well the greens and magentas go in this dress.

Last but not least, my personal favourite from auTre, the “Black lacey” dress. Even though it looks like I’m wearing a skirt, these prims are actually shorts which makes it even cuter than it seems on this picture (I most definately need to learn more photoshop). Skirt or shorts, either way, this is simply the most adorable look I could think of and I absolutely adore the delicate pattern. Everywhere I went to while wearing this I was getting inspected…over…and over…and over, so I am guessing that is a good sign! Inspect me all you want then just follow the lead and head out to auTre!

The close up is not for shameless self promotion, it is just to show you the beautiful black rose detail that rests right in the center of your chest. So this, to me, is the ultimate Boho chic look, wear this and I am 100% sure you will feel very much like a supermodel in one of her days off, kicking back with her friends, however still looking fabulous.