That’s right my friends, it is never something to thrive upon when you hear a good shop is closing…Now, we do not know why but all we know is what is stated on this note from Ashoka Eales from Phoenix Rising, quote:

“This Is It! Sale
On August 3, 2010 Phoenix Rising will begin its last sale. All items will be marked down to 100L. The sale will last long enough for everyone to purchase what they want. After this – Phoenix Rising will be closing and all items packed away.
Please note this sale does not include any satellite stores that may be on our main sim (Earthstones, Exodi, Glitterati, Nardcotix). Phoenix Rising will also still be participating in The Platinum Hunt starting August 8th, so be sure to grab our item then.
This sale will be the last from Phoenix Rising, as we will be closing our doors for good after.
There comes a time in every designers life where… Well, you know what we’re trying to say. Thank you all for your patronship and for your support, we will never forget it.
Live long and prosper,
The Phoenix Rising Team.”

Now, we all love a good sale, do not get me wrong, however we do miss it when those good designers simply…disappear. It’s the same thing that happened to [Pacadi-Jasha] to an extent…

Please make sure to visit Phoenix Rising for one last chance of shopping for some goodies before it is gone…forever 😦