I swear I am not biased, even though I wore this gown to an audition…MIAMAI brings you “Estaria” the rich, baroque, detailed and extraordinaire gown made of shimmery silks, with a sexy bare back and a sculpted and jeweled collar that recalls a precious flower. The gown itself is wide, flowy, layered and absolutely full of life. It comes with a matching headpiece to complete the elegance of the dress. Yet again, I don’t know where monica Outlander finds inspiration to create these wonderful things but everytime she does I am wowed each and every single time. Definately, this is a shop where you want to go whether you are looking for a gown for a special occasion or to spice up your casuals! Ooooh don’t forget, there’s also an array of eyelashes, hair, make up (for 2.0, sorry girls), poses created by the wonderful Mavi Beck and….of course…the Bridal section! Oh oh oh! Almost forgot…there is something for the guys too (which I will blog as soon as I grab my model *cough* and get him in some MIAMAI wardrobe).

the “Estaria” in Gold, Green and Black

in Rust, Red and Moon

last but not least, in Lilac, Wine, Teal and Rose

All hair attachments are from Baiastice (I will link you to them asap)

Now…if this doesn’t make you want to gown up and go to a ball…then I don’t know what will!