That’s right girls, FAB.PONY brings us Tatianna Faulkes’ most recent creations, the “Kiana Tie Dye” dresses, which were showcased at the “Utopians Fashion Weekend” on July 3rd and they were a big hit! Everyone wanted them! Guess why? Because they’re an awesome choice for your hot summer days (or nights 😉 hehehe).

The beautiful choice of colour for the Kiana will make you stand out, that is a FAB.PONY guarantee. Regardless of where you go, whether it is partying at the beach in Ibiza or strutting your stuff on a yacht in Saint Tropez you are bound to get all eyes on you.

But there is a little catch to the “Kiana Tie Dye” dress…it will only be available at the Summer of Love Fair, which starts tomorrow, July 14th and then it will be available at FAB.PONY’s mainstore…so until then, eat your heart out! I’m kidding, obviously, but please make sure to drop by the Summer of Love Fair, all the profits revert to CURE, helping people with mental disorders. You’ll also be able to find a little hidden gift at the Summer of Love Fair, a FAB.PONY treat from the SOL hunt, which is…drum roll!!!

The “Raglan” dress (Love) in pink/grey! It comes with leggings (not the ones I am wearing) but you can look around and see if you find it.

That’s all from me today!