So you thought I had started blogging to let it go after my first shabby attempts huh? Well guess again…you were wrong! I’m here to stay because I’m too stubborn to quit! All for the sake of fashion.

This time I bring you a crazy ensemble I pulled together for a party, hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do.

I know it’s summer and all but…a girl can’t go out at night without a jacket (and since I’m addicted to jackets I guess it’s only fair). The remarkable detail on this rocker from AOHARU is simply incredible and the fact that you get two options (gold or silver metal pieces) only enhances how much love is put to every single jacket from them.The stripe top is another awesome idea from fab.pony, it has a cute attachment over the tummy, however I chose not to wear it…it would be a tad too much for this, wouldn’t you agree?


jacket from AOHARU: “Short Riders Jacket” in black

top from FAB.PONY: “LouLou Bandeaux” in b&w stripes

earrings from GEMS & KISSES: “Mimmi” in platinum & black

hair from !LAMB: “Ghost” in honeycomb

I know you’re looking at my fantastic earrings and I’m going to tell you where they came from, take a wild guess…they’re Gems & Kisses! Another amazing creation from Deliziosa Vendetta, highly detailed jewelry.

But the outfit is not complete right? You can’t see the bottom…well I chose to wear the latest of Miamai’s releases, the “Analisa” gown (only the skirt as you can tell).

Monica Outlander and her fantastic weekly releases, this time she decided to create a gown with separates: a black poofy skirt and a short top with a gorgeous neckpiece that holds it together. She was very wise in making the skirts black giving us shoppers the option of changing only the top colour. Believe me…it matches perfectly regardless of the top you choose.


gown from MIAMAI: “Analisa” gown with the purple top

bracelets from MARIPOSA: “Animosity” in silver

hair from ETD: “Gwen” in chocolate

And that is all from me…now it’s time to kick off my shoes and rest by the fire!

WOOOOOO that was an awesome party! I hope to see you at “Art Coup & Kunstgalerie” for their regular exhibit opening parties!