Well, you might think “she’s biased, she works for them”, but I can assure you that is not the issue here. I like to keep up with the latest trends and my friends I can tell you this…acid wash and bleach are BACK IN!!!

We all know that when we walk in that store we’re always bound to find the coolest “vintage, London meets NY” style, like I always call it. For the latest trends in streetwear I always, I do mean always check it, even before I started working there!

I looked at them and thought “ok, cool, the trend is back” but when I first tried them on I was amazed by how good they looked on my backside (and you ladies know what I’m talking about, every single one of us checks on that first). The textures are incredibly realistic and they come in quite a few colours. I give these jeans a thumbs UP! Just had to  blog them. Check them out at FAB.PONY’s Mainstore


jeans – FAB.PONY “Rebel jeans” in Sherbet

top – FAB.PONY “I Love Me” in White

hair – FAB.PONY “Mei” in Nutmeghttp://www.fab-pony.blogspot.com/