Purely – AZUL –


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It’s no surprise, we all know that when Mami Jewell from – AZUL – releases a new gown it’s bound to be delicate and pretty. Any gown loving woman knows what I am talking about and probably has a closet stuffed with her designs!

Here are two of the latest releases shot in-raw-form (meaning, in a sim, natural, the way I like it :P)– AZUL – DiamondGem in Aqua

– AZUL – Jadhe in Mandarin

Grab it here:

– AZUL –




Welcome to the [sYs] JUNGLE


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[sYs] … the JUNGLE collection! Take a peek!From left to right:

[sYs] ULAAN skirt + [sYs] UZBEK jacket +  [sYs] JAZY hair (black) + [sYs] Kelis skin

[sYs] BALKAI pant + [sYs] KAZAKH hat + [sYs] KABAN jacket

[sYs] KHIID jacket + [sYs] KAZAKH hat + [sYs] SAIGA pants + [sYs] Kelis skin

[sYs] KAZAKH boots + [sYs] KIINIA dress

grab it here:

[sYs]  mainstore



Farewell to Summer with KR Designs


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Well, I know Autumn is here but… since I am at the beach I thought I’d give this fab maxi skirt from KR Designs a go! I just fell in love with the colour and pattern… aaand the designer – Kim Rongyu – just let me know she will be making more colours! Awesome! \o/ 

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New skin from MONS: SHANE


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Ok so, for a while now, I have been looking for a new skin to be the new me. I don’t know, I feel like I need a makeover, don’t we all wish for that sometimes? But during that quest I have come across some really nice skins which have turned me into a skin-a-holic! This one I just… well I didn’t buy it (yet) but I decided to blog it anyway (we’re all waiting for our paychecks right? LOL).

Just so happens that today MONS released a skin I have been looking eeeeeeverywhere for. I love their skins and Shane is no exception! So, I put on a bikini and a hairbase, set environment to Bree’s Appleblossom (something I learned from a very special friend) and skin inspection began!  Continue reading

Jeans, jeans… jeans! by sYs


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It’s no secret that some of the best mesh in SL comes from the minds of two of the best avant-garde designers, Systi and Syane Cisse. Fact stated. Now, [sYs] Design ventured into the realm of streetwear, meaning mesh JEANS (yes jeans) are to be found in the store. Oh… yes and how cool are they? See for yourself. Continue reading

Everlasting Summer with Nyu


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Don’t you just love those long Summer days that turn into one wonderful Summer nights? Mid-Summer night’s dream-ish? heheheh Precisely! So, one of my dearest friends is in a constant design more, and this is the outcome, this time for FaMESHed, the event we mesh lovers… well, love! I apologise if the pictures aren’t all that great but I’m just getting used to the whole… new viewer and using the environment for once!

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55 Linden Thursday from Finesmith and Elan!

I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of Winter and I am a big fan of silver…and guess what? They work well together! Make sure you grab these from Finesmith and Elan for today’s edition of 55 Linden Thursday!

There, pulled my hair back to show you VISION from Finesmith 🙂 this is actually the necklace and earring set in Silver, but it also comes in gold (need I say it again… 55 Lindens??)

– Elan – has this cute white short dress up for grabs. The “Morgan” dress has very cute shoulderpads and is super trendy! here’s a picture that enhances the belt detailing: beautiful ice crystals!

And the full look (my bad for snapping a picture while moving – system skirt here) 

All I can say is…. 55 lindens!!

Paired up with J’s boots and League Bella gloves in black

Who said Winter isn’t glamorous?